Plug‘n‘Play All-In-One Solution

The HypeBox is an integrated transparent LCD screen solution which enables the user to see a real product at the same time as he can see digital content on the screen.

Automatic Video Playback

Play automatically from USB Stick (looped playback). Video formats like .MP4, .MPG, .AVI and .MOV are supported.

Clear & Crisp Image Quality

Full-HD resolution is available for nearly all sizes! Brilliant colors and our highly developed LED lighting create a unique experience.

Incredible Transparency

The high and clear transparency turns this product into an incredible tool for any store, exhibition or event. Look through the display like it’s just a piece of glass.

Sophisticated Design

The robust construction is made from steel, finished by a white matt powder-coating. The rounded corners let the boxes look beautiful in any environment.

Three Available Product Types

Depending on what you want to showcase, different aspect ratio will be beneficial.


Transparent LCD screen boxes available in sizes



See-through LCD showcases available in sizes
21.5″ | 32″ | 43″| 49″ | 55″ | 84″


Ruggedized Metal Case

Single Power Supply

HDMI Input

USB Input (Playback)

Low Energy Use

Lockable Backdoor

See-Through Screen

Premium Housing

Quality LED Lighting

Adjustable Volume

Single Power Button


Sales boosting

1080p Video Playback

Continuous Operation

Speakers integrated

Auto Audio Playback

.MP4, .AVI, .MPG, .MP2

.MP3, .AAC, . WMA

or any other Mediaplayer


Automatic Playback

Once you’ve selected the input source (HDMI or USB), the HypeBox will play always automatically when it is switched on. The movie or image files will be looped until you switch the box off.

High-Contrast Technology

As there is no real background behind the display panel, the contrast of a normal display would be very weak greyish. We’ve developed a technology, which increases the contrast of the screen. The result: vibrant and luminous colors!

Powerful Black Pixel Covering

Now you see through the screen. Now you don’t.
Play around with black and white spaces means you’re playing around with the transparency! The black pixel covering is strong and opaque, you can’t look inside the box anymore.

Technical Facts

ConstructionRuggedized metal showcase
Housing ColorWhite matt
PanelMMT Transparent LCD
Resolution *1920×1080 px Full-HD
Transparency15% (all sizes)
Refresh Rate50 to 60 Hz
Colors16,7 Mil.
Viewing Angle160° in all directions
ConnectionsUSB, HDMI
IlluminationHigh Brightness LED Backlight
OrientationLandscape & Portrait Mode
Environmental ConditionsWorking 0°C to 40°C
Storage -20°C to 60° C
Power Supply100-240V (50/60 Hz)
Supported OSAndroid, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, any external Mediaplayer
Warranty2 years

* Resolution & dimensions dependent on display size


A milky display? No way!

The HYPEBOX‘ transparency brings up a clear and crisp image. Superior clarity and transparency turns this product into an incredible sales & marketing tool!

But how to create transparent spaces? Just use white pixels! Once the box starts to play content, all white pixels / white spaces become transparent.

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Transparent screens are extremely useful and efficient to enrich story-telling of products you are exhibiting. It is the best mean to create stunning experiences that mix real product and all related rich contents.

Julien Jobard, CEO adactive (France)

This spectacular technology is very powerful for presentation and highlight some objects and products. We are working with the HYPEBOX in museums and our customers are enjoying our Sketches.

Paulo Cunha, CEO Interactive Touch (Portugal)

We've created a stunning installation of several HypeBoxes to promote our newest products and current offers. Since we're using that kind of presentation system in our shopping windows, we've got around 30% new clients!

Andreas Kapl, CEO Global-Fishing (Germany)

We recently used a Hypebox during a tradeshow which generated a lot of interest and held people at the stand so that we were able to engage with them and present our products, where other stands with normal monitors were largely ignored.

Warwick Rule, Sales & Marketing Manager, Sign Supplies Ltd. (Australia)

This lightbox is a high quality "ready2go" product. It satisfied us and all our clients since the first project with quality, nice design and the simple usage, as well with endless possibilities. For us as a digital agency it is important, that we can trust the product as we do with the HypeBox. We must know that our concepts, designs, interfaces, multitouch applications or videos and animations are running, without ifs and buts. From the whole asignum! team the HypeBox is getting a big LIKE!

Sven Schneider, CEO asignum!

HYPEBOX is a really WOW effect! Everybody who see it cannot stop looking at it. This is like high tech staff from Iron Man film become a real life! So simple to operate - just plug in flash disk and it works. Our customers like it very much.

Grigoriy Ryabtsev, Marketing Director, PT. Infobisnis Solusi (Indonesia)

Im BASE_camp kann man mobile Innovationen erleben. Die HypeBox passt nicht zuletzt deswegen gut ins Konzept: Schnell und unkompliziert lassen sich eigene digitale Inhalte erstellen, die in Kombination mit dem realen Produkt die Aufmerksamkeit der Besucher gezielt auf sich ziehen.

Karolin Quandt, Directress BASE_camp